ABGMerge: Sync Gmail and Address Book contacts

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    Link: ABGMerge: Sync Gmail and Address Book contacts
    Description:: Benjamin Harley has written an applescript that merges Gmail and Address Book contacts. It works by taking a CSV file of your exported Gmail contacts (which you need to create first), and comparing it to the contacts in your Address Book. Any contacts not found in the Address Book are added. Contacts in Address Book but not in Gmail are added and the merged CSV file is then imported back into Gmail.

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    Anyone know how to get in touch with the author of the script? I tried to send a message through his page, but I was told that it was too long. So I just sent a request that he contact me (about all the message I was allowed to send :rolleyes: ) and I haven't heard anything back.
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    Address book erased after running ABGMerge

    Hello there,
    I have written to the author of the script the following message:

    hello there,
    I would like to report a serious problem I encountered while using ABGMerge for the first time.
    Let me start by saying that I did NOT back up my address book prior to running your script, so what follows is totally my fault.
    Here's what happened, to the best of my recollection:

    * exported gmail.cvs from gmail
    * installed and ran abgmerge in safe mode
    * the program crashed showing a dialog with something like "yes, there are still bugs". I dismissed the dialog without writing down the details (another failing on my part)
    * upon re-running abgmerge, the program behaved exactly as if it was being run for the first time, ie it did not prompt to restore the address book
    * this time around the script finished successfully, and all addresses from gmail.cvs are now in my address book, but--nothing else. All contacts that were previously there are gone. Naturally I suspect that my address book was corrupted/erased/moved during the first run.

    Hope this help with your debugging. Any suggestions would obviously be very appreciated.

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