Ability to sign up for AT&T unlimited iPad data via Safari on MBP

Discussion in 'iPad' started by applegeek25, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Hey guys! I'm new to the forums so be gentle :) So here's the deal... as I'm sure some of you guys are well aware of, there is presently a workaround for people who a) currently do not own an iPad and b) have not placed an order with Apple, to sign up for the AT&T unlimited iPad data from a Safari browser on a MBP.

    (Note: Some countries already let you sign up for their data plans in-store or via phone with a rep without having to do on-device activation)

    I was planning on just purchasing the iPad next month after a few paycheques... BUT in light of AT&T's 'screw you data hogs' announcement earlier this wk, I was forced to find an alternative way to secure my iPad unlimited data before placing an order for the iPad.

    I managed to locate a workaround online which will let you spoof Safari on a MBP into setting the User Agent to an iPad and thus AT&T activations will let you proceed. With this knowledge, I acquired a new AT&T microSIM on Friday and signed up within 15 minutes.

    Slight issue though: the IMEI listed on my iPad account is literally '000000000000000' and my SIM card is correct. To make a long story short, since today is the LAST DAY that you're able to acquire the old plans, I wanted to make absolute 100% SURE that even if I lose the SIM card or my future iPad gets lost or stolen and I acquire a new one, that I wouldn't lose the unlimited plan.

    My first call was to AT&T's regular Customer Service, and the lady I spoke with was about as dumb as a box of rocks. She ended up telling me I'd need to get a new number and a new plan and everything. I didn't believe this response, so instead I called back and when prompted I inputted the data service number that everyone is given when they sign up for the iPad account. I was able to get in touch with a girl from Tech Support and she confirmed you can always acquire a new microSIM and update your account with a new IMEI.

    It was probably extremely STUPID of me on my part to even call, because when I asked about 'auto-renew', the girl proceeded to ask me to go to Settings > General on the iPad (which is in no way, shape, or form close to the Cellular Data menu which would allow me to access my account). I told her that I wasn't near my iPad at the moment, and she put me on hold for a few minutes.

    My concerns are that she possibly noticed that the IMEI on my account is literally zero's and when I wasn't able to provide her my iPad's IMEI for her to update it, she may have become suspicious and filled out a query form for further investigation.

    I guess my question would be is AT&T able to research this and cancel my account out? (Note: I haven't used this microSIM card in any device and thus it has never been registered with the network yet.) It is absolutely not my intention to use this SIM in another device other than the iPad.

    I also want some clarification on my original question to tech support... if an individual has already signed up with an iPad account and their iPad is lost/stolen...are they able to simply call up AT&T and provide them with the new IMEI and ICCID?



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