About to buy my first MBP, but I have some question...

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by TheAnoyingApple, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Apr 13, 2010
    Hey I just saw that the new Macbook Pros were announced and this is why I am going to buy it now. I'm going to buy the 15" but i have some questions because there seems to be more than one type of 15" model. I even made it easier for you to answer by putting teh answer in red. Just quote me and fill in the spaces :)

    What i will be using my MBP for: I will be using my laptop to run parallels because i need to use the good excel which is only on windows. I will also use it for music mixing, and music production in logic studio. I would also use it for the usual web surfing, music, etc...

    - I have seen that the difference between the i7 model and the i5 model is that the i7 has a 512mb graphic card while the i5 has a 256mb card. Is this a significant increase in graphic card size. Is there anything that requires those extra 256mb?


    - I have seen that the i7 model has 4mb of vram while the i5 has 3mb of vram. Again, what will require this extra 1mb of vram. Only things like photoshop of things like logic studio too?


    - If i buy the i5 model with the nvidia 256 mb card, and run programs that need more than 256 mb of graphics memory, what will hapen? Slow down or ugliness?


    - Is there really a big difference between the 2.4ghz i5 and the 2.53 ghz i5?


    - Will a hard drive that is 7200rpm be significantly faster than the 5400rpm one. Will this have an impact on the boot up time and that?


    - Should I buy the 8gbs of ram instead of the 4gb?


    - Is the reflection on the glossy display THAT ugly?


    - Can I pick up a MBP 15" model that has the customized hi-res 1680-by-1050 ? Is it available in store or is it just sold online and customized personally?


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    Feb 19, 2005
    ANSWER: Actually the i5 will be fine for both Photoshop and Logic Studio. For your needs the i5 seems fitting.

    ANSWER: I don't know, your needs don't seem to actually require the jump.

    ANSWER: Slowdown and ugliness
    ANSWER: Not in real-world measurements.
    ANSWER: It will have some noticeable speed difference, yes. It is more worth buying base and upgrading yourself.
    ANSWER: Apple pricing on RAM finally seems good and it would be logical to buy from them now. However, once you go BTO you're stuck if you hate the machine.
    ANSWER: It is pretty, but it's very reflective due to the glossy screen and the extra glass over it.
    ANSWER: Not that I am aware of. BTO or CTO is on line only.

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