About to swap 1440x900 and 1689x1050 displays

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by xtremeslr, Jul 28, 2014.

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    Nov 17, 2010
    I have two Macbook Pros sitting in front of me. One is the i5 and the other is the i7. I want to keep the i7 but it has the lower resolution display on it. I've read in another post that it's possible to swap the displays since they both have the same connector on it and it's not a limitation of the i7's graphics card. I'm headed to the store to pick up a couple of tools for the process and before I start ripping the guts out of both machines I wanted to know if there's anything I should know or consider while in the process? Is it is simple as swapping the displays or is there something I need to do with drivers? Should the i7 automatically recognize the new display and start using it correctly?

    Thanks and any help from someone who has done this process already would be great.

    My i7 is a Late 2011 Model which I hear can take the high res display just fine.
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    Nov 17, 2010
    I'm happy to report that I made the swap of displays with no issues at all. For anyone that's interested, it's possible to do. I replaced a 1680x1050 display that was on my Mid 2010 i5 MBP with 8GHz RAM to a Late 2011 i7 MBP with 16GHz of RAM. I wanted to double my RAM on my i5 but since it was a Mid 2010 this was not possible so I bought an i7 with 16GHz RAM but it had the lower resolution display 1440x900 and my eyes were already use to the better display.

    At first everything seemed straight forward until i got to the cable that run out of the display and through the Airport/Bluetooth bracket. One display had 1 more wire than the other and the brackets also have a difference of one connection. At first i thought I had reached the end of the line but then I thought why not swap the brackets also? I did that and reconnected everything and now it works like a charm. :)

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