iPhone Accessing Siri without home button or p/u the phone and in car connectivity

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by RAMtheSSD, Nov 15, 2013.

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    I have come across time and time again the idea that there is a number that once you have said number in your contacts, you can access siri by calling the number. The problem is that -thus far- no one has posted that number when they make the aforementioned comment! :)

    The problem of text messaging on the iPhone using iMID in Honda cars has been solved. However, I asked if, given that an ILX is really a really really upmarket CIVIC, is there any way to use the iMID update for that car in mine and the answer was...

    No, because the updates go from the machine to the car by means of a series of tests that are automatically performed depending on the VIN so -as it stands right now- you can not get the update even if the part that is being updated is the same across the product line. I am told that this is also the case for the Chevrolet vehicles that have siri integration.

    So, before I spend 60 dollars plus S+H on a blue tooth home button -that I am told works quite well- I thought I'd ask if anyone else has had this problem and if anyone knows what that super double secret number for siri might be ??

    I posted this on the iOS forum as opposed to the iPhone forum because the problem is true for all iOS devices. Incidentally, anyone know how to get the navigation directions (one of the big reasons for siri connectivity in the car) to play through the car audio system if one is not listening to blue tooth audio?

    Side Note: There would seem to be a lot of upset people because MacRumors got hacked and there might -notice that word- might be a problem with the passwords. There are a lot of people in the world who seek nothing but the opportunity to do harm. This board provides a service for peanuts in advertising revenue that is much needed and greatly appreciated and the management most assuredly took all the standard of practice precautions. There comes a point wherein realistically, one can not do anything for which the return is worthwhile compared to the probability of an attack and the time invested. It happened and recriminations, accusations, blaming, names, none will not help the matter. The lesson is simple, use a variety of passwords but keep some sort of theme that means something to you but is not in any way intuitive to even those that know you. Please give the SysAdmins the opportunity to work the problem and thank them for the work they do.
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    You might have posted that in English, but it read as Greek to me.
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    The answer is yes and will always be yes until further notification.

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