Acquired a Macintosh Quadra 610 DOS Compatible, how do i connect monitor?

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    i acuired this computer, its from march 1994, it has no monitor and i need to connect one. it obviously has no vga port, are there any adapters on the market or any other ideas how to connect a regular vga monitor to it?
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    If you don't have the original monitor and joystick port break-out cable proceed with caution.

    On the DOS Card itself there may be a port that looks like an Apple monitor port (two rows with 15 pins) This is a joystick port and can damage an older Apple monitor.

    There is a port on the card with 3 rows of pins. That contains video input (from the Mac), video output (to an Apple monitor) and joystick inputs. The Dos card will automatically switch video from the Mac to the DOS Card with the break-out cable.

    There are two such cables that Apple produced, both detailed in this article. The 922 part number is Apple's spare part number and the 590 part number is usually embossed on the part itself. The one you want is the 4 headed cable.

    Use the numbers to search online dealers and eBay for the cable. You'll then need an Apple to VGA adapter if you don't have an old Apple monitor available.

    Apple does have the pinouts for this cable but when the old article was converted it lost the tabulations for the columns:

    Looking at the source of the page, the spaces are still there and get stripped by a script. So here are the pinouts:
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