activity monitor seems to hang & does finder always run?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Sossity, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Sossity macrumors 65816

    May 12, 2010
    I went into the applications>utlities>activity monitor, & opened it, but it seemed to hang, the mouse pointer goes to the rainbow circle & could not produce any results of the laptop activity. The only thing I had open was the finder, (of which I cannot seem to ever quit.) I forced quit the activity monitor about 2-3 times after I opened it. Does it take awhile to read the activity?

    I can x out of the red circle in the top left corner of the finder window, but I see a small blue spot underneath the finder icon at the bottom in the dock.

    Does the finder just stay open? it seems to be running whenever I start the computer up.

    other wise everything else (other apps) seems to open up & close ok.
  2. spinnerlys Guest


    Sep 7, 2008
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    Finder runs all the time, like Explorer does on Windows.

    What Mac OS X version do you have and what kind of account do you run?

    Has a restart fixed the Activity Monitor problem? Have you tried repairing permissions via Disk Utility?

    Have you installed any other software in the last weeks?

    Since when does the Activity Monitor problem occur, and do other applications behave similarly?

    Btw, to be able to quit Finder, open Terminal and enter the following:

    defaults write QuitMenuItem 1
    It will add a Quit Finder menu under Finder.

    To remove it, open Terminal and enter this:

    defaults write QuitMenuItem 0
  3. Sossity thread starter macrumors 65816

    May 12, 2010
    I am running os snowleopard 10.6.3, I just got this laptop this Monday, & I have installed some other programs without too much trouble. The other programs seem ok, it was just the activity monitor.

    I looked this up, & in apple thread, someone had the same problem, & found that by moving the app back to the utilites folder, the problem was solved. So I tried this, & it worked, it seems some apps cannot be moved from the applications folder.

    where do I open the terminal? I am new to macs, so I dont want to get too deep into the system files & screw something up.

    Is finder supposed to stay open all the time?
  4. alust2013 macrumors 601


    Feb 6, 2010
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    Finder is supposed to stay open all the time. It is just the system's application that runs in the background doing whatever, it really doesn't take up any appreciable computing resources.
  5. spinnerlys Guest


    Sep 7, 2008
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    You shouldn't move applications around, some can be stored anywhere you want, but some need to be where they already are.

    That's like a contradictio in adjectio, as you want to open Terminal, but don't want to get too deep to screw things up.
    Terminal is located at Macintosh HD / Applications / Utilities / Terminal, or use SPOTLIGHT to find any application or file you want (except system files).

    As already said in my first reply, yes, as it is like Explorer in Windows.

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