Actor Mario Lopez apologizes for telling the truth about children and sexuality


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Sep 7, 2011
Things they agree with are facts things they don’t are opinions
this is complete utter foolish nonsense ot say.

If you cannot tell the difference between what is a fact and what is an opinion than theres no point in discussing anything.

Facts: Things verified via objective analysis via accounting, observation, and statistical references.

Opinions: Interpretations of those facts based on personal relative moralistic viewpoints.

what you are claiming here in this thread is Opinion. NOT fact.

Until you can provide some form of scientific validation for your claims, they continue to be opinion only based on supposition.

Facts don't change based on partisanship. Opinions do

The Correctheadline for this article should be:

Actor Mario Lopez apologizes for telling his opinion about children and sexuality


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Jun 8, 2009
The point is that parents should accept their children for who they are. I think three is way too young for a parent to be focusing on their child's gender identity, but at the same time the idea that kids have no gender identity or sexual drives until they are teens is nonsense. My first crush was in first grade.


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Jan 22, 2009
Houston, TX
My first crush was in first grade
Have a point. My first crush was when I was 10 (4th grade?)
Was I awkward. :confused::oops::(
Still remember her name, Jody McPherson (not sure about spelling)

aaaand I do remember another girl who caught me attention a couple of years earlier. I know the date because I moved and that was a big mark in my life.
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Jul 26, 2012
Apologies don't make the problem go away. They only step it into overdrive, as the people demanding them are engaging in a political point-scoring power play. Never apologise if you have never said or done anything wrong. Dont allow yourself to be gas lighted into thinking you have done so by totally strangers.