"Add to My List" vs. "Recommend"

Discussion in 'Daily Tunes Site Discussion and Feedback' started by ebow, Sep 23, 2004.

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    I haven't used the site in many months, and was just about to write up a plea for help because I couldn't figure out how to recommend a song already in the database. Then I gave the song's page one more look (after staring at it for many minutes). That's when I finally noticed the link to "Add to My List." Problem is, just about everywhere else on the site, the function that link accomplishes is called "recommend," especially right on the song page ("The Following User(s) Have Recommended This Song").

    What if that link were slightly reworded to say something like "Add to My Recommendations" or "Add to My Rec List"? I know it's not a huge issue, and I probably won't have the problem ever again, but for a while there I was very focused on finding a link with the word "recommend" in it to the point of not seeing other links. It's a fairly common problem in principle, and I bet there are other new users who have had the same problem.

    Other ideas: change all references to "my list," "your song list" etc. to include the word "rec" or "recommendation," or mention it in the FAQ. Or, maybe moments of stupidity like mine are fairly rare and the whole thing is a non-issue.

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