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    I'm thinking of buying a G4 ibook from ebay for $925, and it comes with the stock 256mb ram. If I do this, I'll probably buy 512 from crucial to replace one of the 128 sticks. How difficult is it to do this with an ibook? Would I be better off just getting it from someone with 640 preinstalled? Could I possibly do that for $1025?

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    It is very simple to do yourself. Remove keyboard, remove airport card, and there is where it goes. Should take 5 minutes if you go nice and slow.
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    It is super easy. The only hang up is making sure you have the correct sized screwdriver (the screws are super small).

    iPC is correct. All that needs to be done is lifting up the keyboard, removing the airport card, and unscrewing a little panel. The iBook's manual shows how to do everything.
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    #4 has faqs and picstures i think evena video of how to install

    its relly simple and easy.
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