Address book just disappeared out of my dock

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by sevenseven7us, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Oct 22, 2008
    So Ive been downloading music on my macbook pro and notice that when i leave it to download for awhile the screen color turns a shade lighter when I wake it. Sometimes when I go to wake it from the all blacked out screen it stays black. The only way I can get it to illuminate again is to force quit by holding down the power button. Well the last time I did this the address book in my dock ended up missing I've looked pretty much everywhere and still cant find it. All that is in my dock now is a ?mark of where the address book used to be. Cant click it to open it. Where would it be? It's not in my trash. Already looked there. Also why am I having this problem with my colors? Its not that bad but kinda annoying. I have the timer set to fade to black after a minute of non use. Its almost as if its kinda burned out or something but when I restart my laptop the colors are back to normal until i let it sit while its downloading.

    How do I retrieve my address book and how do i fix this color problem?

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    Ctrl+Click the icon and see if you can remove from dock. Either way, go to Address Book in Finder/Applications, run it, then you can right click on it in the dock and select Keep in Dock.

    All MB displays dim when left alone, then brighten when you use it, same as if you are running on battery or power, the intensity is different.

    Not sure why it is going to sleep like you say though, does the white sleep ligh on the front illuminate?

    You can sometimes tell if it is the backlight or the screen as you might still just make out the screen image on the black screen (ie it is still there but not illuminated).
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    Oct 22, 2008
    Its not in sleep mode. The white light is not on. Macbook is open when this happens. Screen just fades to black after a minute or 2 of non use. Yes you can kinda see the screen when it woke awake. Its there but just wont illuminate.

    Alright pooof and removed it from the dock. I opened up finder the apps and the damn address book is gone:(. ****

    I should be able to find in my external though once I get home. Pretty sure my time machine should have it.

    Still having probs with the display color. Its like its really dull. The reds are more pink now. Im thinking something is wrong internally. just might have to take it in

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