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    Do you think ADHD is a real condition?

    From what I've read online it's apparently very hard to scientifically / medically / whateverically prove that a person has ADHD. There is no sure-fire way to prove that a child or adult has this chemical imbalance in the brain. That's what makes this a touchy subject.

    Anyway, many people allude to individuals who have ADHD and use overpowering stimulants like Adderall or its less powerful brethren Ritalin to correct their problem as mendacious drug abusers looking for a way to beat the system and not have to resort to buying pot, smack or drug of choice off of the street. These sorts of people refuse to admit that their child may have this debilitating condition and make their child suffer through their earlier years without any hope to improve their living situation besides resorting to street drugs or binge drinking for escape from their life blackened and charred from inability to properly function in their schooling or daily life.

    On the other hand, there are people who stand firmly behind ADHD. Some people make claims that ADHD is such an oppressive rebel force that they're unable to complete basic functions like bodily cleanliness and not forgetting essential tasks like completing assignments, frequently arriving late to places and stuff along those lines. These people deem Adderall and its counterparts to be miracle drugs required to sustain a normal life.

    And then there is the other extreme- college students, adults and parents full of undue anxiety who think this miracle drug solves all problems. These sorts of people administer themselves high doses of this medication or put their child on Adderall as early as the age of four or three. Look it up if you don't believe me. That is before children develop complex speech habits or fully understand time and how it works, i.e. past, present, future. This is how ADHD and its medication gets a bad reputation and is often looked at with a skeptical eye.

    What is your take?

    Edit: Oh, here's some food for thought.
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    Do I think it is a real condition? Yes.

    Is is over diagnosed? Yes

    Is it often something else misdiagnosed as ADHD/ADD? Yes

    There are a of conditions that it is common for the person to have ADHD with. Some example they have found people with dyslexia will often have ADHD and battle depression threw out their lives. Other time Depression is mistreated as ADHD which is not good. ADHD is a side effect of the depression/anxiety.

    Also people seem to Adderall and Ritalin are the only drugs really used to treat it which is pretty far from the truth. Ritalin is a very poor ADHD med and I want to say it is not used often any more because Ritalin half life in the body is so poor. Adderall is one of the last ditch drugs. There are quite a few other drugs used to treat. I have been treated for ADHD when I was younger using ritalin and later in life statara which I reacted poorly with and then concertia.

    I went on Antidepressants for a while (webutrain) and then off for a while. Now I am on lexiapro which is being used to treat my Anxity and depression. By far the best one for me and it really help deal with my ADHD problem. That and caffine which gives me enough to handle it.

    It is matter of the brain and ADHA like depression and anxiety is not fully understood and when they treat any of those they are trying different things and the drugs they use they are taking a best guess but sometimes it takes multiple different drugs before they find the one that works.
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    I have ADHD, am very aware of it, very aware of the effects it has on me (both good and bad) and can look back on my life and see the effect it has had on it. I'm still learning how to deal with it. One example are my study habits. I literally have to go to a corner of the library with no traffic, partition my view of from distractions and listen to music (usually classical) with absolutely no lyrics unless it is absolutely quite. It's very hard for me to focus. On the other hand I have reaped the benefits of being able to hyperfocus on topics that I'm thoroughly interested in and excel at them at a pace unmatched by any of my peers/competitiors.

    It's difficult and I in use it as a curt h. Mainly because I'm throghly pleased I have it. It wouldn't be the same person in anyway today if I didn't have ADHD. I see it as a benefit, a tool really (although it has made school very hard. I can't focus, literally, so I have to focus on focusing which still means I'm not focused. It's hard to find that nitch)

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