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Apr 12, 2001
According to this article,
Adobe will be part of the keynote:

Bryan Lamkin, Adobe senior vice president for Web
publishing, said an Adobe executive will participate in
Jobs' keynote address, and several Adobe
representatives will attend. Lamkin said Adobe will
continue to fully participate in Macworld San Francisco,
a January show that he said is better attended by
Adobe customers.

Also, it is likely that Adobe will give a preview of
publishing software running natively in OS X.


Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
Adobe isn't going anywhere

And Adobe needs Apple. They aren't going anywhere. Their not being @ MWNY in force is a dissapointment, but hey, Carbon Photoshop is not ready--so there's not much to say there anyway.

Fret not.


Random Dude

I think Illustrator will be released.

It seems very likely that carbon illustrator will be release to fend off any more freehand crossovers (like myself). Especially since they have announced it will be the next carbon adobe app (along with InDesign). I wouldn't be surprised if InDesign is ready as well, since they will need some major edge if they want any chance at quark. I could only imagine migrating to InDesign if it is still the only desktop layout app for X by November.

I have a feeling that photoshop has been carbonized for awhile, especially considering how easy they've said it is to migrate their product line. The reason it's not in our hands is economic, not technical. Version 6 is still pretty new, I doubt they want to cannabilize that app so early in its OS 9 lifespan, especially considering how many people run Quark and Photoshop in tandem, there isn't a pent up demand for Photoshop yet. We'll see it when the new machines (with X preinstalled) have penetrated the market more and the advantages of X are clearer to a wider publishing audience.
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