Adobe unveils PS 7 on Feb 24

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    I was going to just give a little clip of the artical and attach the pdf file that I got it from but i guess pdf files are an invalid file format for attachments on this forum. Her is the full Artical that I found... if I didnt scrrew it up.

    Thought you guys might find it interesting


    Adobe unveils next generationPhotoshop

    - Rupert Collins-White LONDON - PC Advisor (UK)

    [Note to editors: This story includes information that was disclosed
    to the IDG News Service under the condition that it not be made
    available to the general public until midnight GMT on Sunday, Feb.
    24. We are making this story available internally to the IDG editorial
    community for your convenience in planning the forthcoming issue of
    your print publication. If any other public news source -- print or
    online -- breaks the embargo, the embargo will be considered

    Adobe Systems Inc.'s all-conquering Photoshop image manipulation
    software gets another face-lift today to version 7.0, but this latest
    upgrade seems to fix many problems that afflicted previous versions.
    Some advances are specifically designed for the consumer-level user,
    an area that Photoshop has perhaps in the past lost out to Jasc
    Software Inc.'s Paint Shop Pro. There's also essential support for
    Windows XP and Mac OS X.

    Pricing in the U.K. is set at around £450 (estimated street price) plus
    tax (US$645), with upgrading pegged at around £99 plus VAT.
    We asked two people who spend time using Photoshop for different
    reasons to give their views on the beta version of 7.0. Will Head,
    deputy reviews editor and Aileen O'Donnell, our art director, use
    Photoshop for different things; Head does plenty of web art work on
    a PC, while O'Donnell works in main part of images for print on a Mac.
    "Photoshop has long been the choice of professional image editors
    and at first it's hard to see what additions you could make to such
    an already full featured package," said Head.

    "Many of the new features, however, look to be aimed at the less
    Photoshop-savvy user. New offerings like the Healing Brush and
    Patch tool make it easier for the less experienced to touch up their
    images. The new file browser has a consumer feel to it, although it
    does offer advanced features like metadata and image ranking.
    "Adobe may have conquered the professional, but with version 7.0 it
    looks like it could sway the inexperienced user who has little time to
    learn but still wants professional looking results," he added.
    Photoshop's new Healing Brush also got O'Donnell's seal of approval.
    "My favorite new feature in 7.0 has to be the Heal Brush," she said.
    "Basically it's a time-saving tool you can use to lose all that junk you
    don't want on your images."

    "Dust, scratches and the other annoyances are removed while
    preserving shading, lighting, textures and any other attributes. It
    uses a cloning style from one layer to another or even one image to
    another but seems to work, unlike its 'Dust and Scratches'
    forerunner," she explained.
    "Its cousin the Batch Tool lets you define your selection using
    channel operations and the normal selection tools, then it'll match all
    the characteristics of the sampled pixel to the source pixels. Very
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    Jan 9, 2002
    Ha ha haaa!
    So much for the embargo. :D Thanks for that info!
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    Feb 19, 2002
    Gothenburg, Sweden
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    re: Henriok

    Thanks for Making up that pdf and for breaking the story. Thats great news for me!

    I got a spot on for posting it here :)
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    Jul 9, 2001
    Courtesy of Classic....

    Or should I say Greg Lindley... ;)
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    so you tipped them off?

    so you tipped them off? I was wondering about that. I sent them an email this morning with the artical right after I posted it here.

    Thanks for keeping Mac news moving :)
  7. Classic macrumors regular

    Jul 9, 2001
    Your Welcome

    I'm glad they didn't steal your fire, or pass it off like I actually had anything to do with it. I just sent them a quick note with a link to this thread.
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    Jun 18, 2001
    WestCost, USA
    I dont care....

    If I get credit or not... I just like to see information moving. It's not like I broke the story or anything. A pdf file landed on my lap so I thought I would share it as fast as I could. the net is all about fast moving information... the way it should be.

    Thanks for keeping things moving

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