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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Applespider, Feb 6, 2004.

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    I've had a hunt through search but couldn't find anything that matched this on the first couple of pages.

    I currently have an ADSL USB modem but am likely to be moving house soon and am not sure whether I'll end up with a new ADSL connection or cable.

    For this reason, I've decided that the all-in-one adsl/router/wireless option isn't a good idea. Instead, I've bought the Airport Extreme base station (without modem) since I'd also like to have my printer somewhere sensible!

    Now I need to get an ADSL ethernet modem/router. I'm looking at the Netgear DM602 which is about £30 cheaper than the Netgear614.

    But although some websites list it as being a modem or a modem/router, I've read somewhere else that in the UK, it doesn't feature just as a modem because PPPoA isn't supported. To get PPPoA, you need to use it as a modem/router.

    Question is will this be OK to attach to the base station? Or will there be confusion over 2 routers? There appears to be a basic firewall in the DM602, would I disable this one and let the AEBS handle it or let them both work?

    Help please?

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    I'm running an AE with ADSL in the UK. I bought an Xmodem from ADSL Nation They are Mac friendly and have an FAQ on how to link the Xmodem to AE
    It's an Ethernet modem that has worked perfectly since I bought it. It passes through the IP address from BT and I use the AE as my router and wifi basestation, I also have a printer attached. An alternative is to get the AMX 64 which works with both the Snow Airport and AE, here the AMX64 is used as the modem/router and AE is used in passthrough mode just as the wifi basestation but I don't think this will allow you to print via AE.
    good luck

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