iPhone 11 Pro Advantages and Disadvantages of IUP over Apple Payment and Can I Change?


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Dec 11, 2008

I am currently scheduled to pick up an iPhone 11 Pro Max on Friday. I will be receiving a $600 trade and financing through Apple Pay over 24 months.

Can I convert this to IUP at the time of pickup? Are there advantages/disadvantages of one over the other. It seems that with IUP, I will lose my trade in. Is that correct?



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Aug 18, 2009
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Why would you lose your trade in? The worst I could see is that the amount of the trade may change. Not sure.

Yes, you can convert to IUP at time of pickup, BUT you will have to run the credit check through Citizens Bank and that could be an issue on Launch Day...maybe.

The advantage to IUP is that they include AppleCare (not free, obviously). It is a two year loan with the option to buy/trade every year. You do not have to upgrade every year.
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Mar 13, 2012
With the Apple Upgrade plan, you don't get value for your trade in - you have to pay the full amount for the phone.

The advantage of Payments vs the Upgrade plan seems to be that Payments is simply a loan with a bank - you fully own your phone. Get rid of the phone, and you just have to pay the rest of the loan.


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Oct 1, 2014
In my view, the advantage of not using IUP is that you aren't forced to buy AC. I do the 24 month, 0% financing through Citizens, and if I want to upgrade, the trade-in value of my 1 year old iPhone is typically enough to pay off the remaining balance on the loan (I like to trade-in to Gazelle for cash). IUP is a little more of a guaranteed trade-in, but you're paying for AC in order to have that luxury. If I were going to buy AC regardless, then I'd just do IUP.