Advice Please re changing ordered 15" for 17" 1 month after ordered

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  1. Tobeupat4am macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2002
    Sydney Australia
    I ordered a 15" 1.25 GH, 1x1GB Ram, 5400 rpm HD from an (Australian) Apple Reseller on 12th Dec, it has still not arrived, both myself & the Rental Finance Company can not even get confirmation if retailer has ordered PB, as they do not repsond to phone or email

    I would like people's advice re changing order, especially if retailer has done nothing in 4 weeks, to 17".

    I have noted I can get 512 MB Ram for PB at $Aus220, add that to 1x512 MB in it and I have 1GB ram,a 1.33 MHz, 17"etc for within $100 Aussie of the original order for the 15" 1.25 Ghz

    If any suggestions I would appreciate, as have never experienced customer service like this before, I believe their may be delays with 15", but have not heard that from the retailer concerned, so maybe 17" may turn up quicker anyway?

    Does anyone know if OK to purchase a PB say in USA and bring back to Australia, and if Apple Care purchased in US, will that be honoured back in Australia, as with exchange rate atm, would save $1856.00 if purchased in USA (or Hawaii, same I know) And I need to go there soon anyway.

    Roy Stanton, Australia
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    Nov 17, 2003
    Re: 15" PB or 17" PB if 15" significant delay
    Quote from Apple's web site:

    Convenient repair options
    The AppleCare Protection Plan includes up to three years of onsite service for desktop computers.* The plan also provides global repair coverage for portable computers, which can be very important if you travel abroad. Apple-certified technicians perform repairs using genuine Apple parts.

    The other option is to buy the PB in the US and the Applecare contract in Australia. Can't see why that won't work either ...

    If you can order from a place like MacConnection for shipment to a US address, you'll get free RAM, avoid local sales tax, and a good price on the Applecare contract.

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