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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by danatdan, Sep 17, 2012.

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    I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 on Friday morning via the iOS App and currently have a delivery date of the 1st October.

    When I was pre-ordering the phone my Dad asked me to use his Virgin Atlantic American Express card so he could get 500+ flyer miles from the purchase. As we both live at the same address meaning the shipping and billing address would be exactly the same I couldn't see this causing any issues so I agreed.

    At the checkout I changed all the card details from my default card to his card but when I tried to submit the details it asked me to fill out the card security code field again which I done but it wouldn't accept it.

    From my retail days I remembered that Amex cards sometimes have a 4 digit security code so I put an extra zero at the beginning and this time it accepted it, asked me to agree to terms and conditions etc and submit the payment but it came back declined I tired once more but again declined so with the shipping date now slipped from the 21/9 to 2 weeks I gave up and tried his Virgin Atlantic Visa credit card (these are 2 cards linked to same account but you get given a visa card too as some places don't accept Amex) this time it all went through fine I got the email confirming the order with order numbers, shipping and delivery dates etc.

    A couple of hours later whilst I was at work I looked at my phone and had 3 missed calls from this number 00 353 (21) 238 0596. I done a quick google search and it turned out to be an Apple number. Not wanting to call an international number back I called Apples 0800 UK call centre number and spoke to a nice lady who had a look and said the Despatch department was trying to get hold of me, she didn't have a number I could call direct but said she would put a call-back request through and I would get a call-back within 4 business hours. In the meantime my Dad had received a fraud warning text from Amex asking if the transaction to Apple was ok he replied saying it was and they said they payment would now be sent.

    4pm the next day my phone rang with the Apple number showing so I answered and it was Apple asking for my Dad. I explained he was at work but the order was mine it was just paid for using his card. She said she needed to speak with him as the payment was from his card and she would call back the next day when he was at home.

    This was Saturday and at 7:30pm on Monday I have still not had a call back.

    Has anybody got any ideas what the issue could be? And should I start pestering someone at Apple to find out whats going on or just leave things be as the order seems to be progressing ok and the payment to Apple has been taken from my Dads card?
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