After 1 year of development.. all our time + $$$ + heart = IRON FINGER

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    Dec 16, 2014
    As passionate lifetime gamers from Australia, we have put everything on the line to chase our dream: to become professional Game Developers! We proudly introduce to you, our first game: IRON FINGER – Mini Games Championship :D

    We believe IRON FINGER is a truly unique and fresh game to finally hit the mobile market. It comprises of a series of addictive and challenging mini games that will capture your attention. There is no reskinning here!

    Each game utilises and takes advantage of the very best features and functionality of today’s mobile devices. We have carefully designed each game to implement control and touch gestures that are naturally intuitive to the players. It is truly quick to play, easy to learn yet hard to master.

    IRON FINGER is the perfect game for when you have 2 minutes or a good 5 hours to spare. So please spare 30 seconds so we could show you the most fun and challenging game to hit the App Store this Christmas!


    Game Features:
    • Simple Control and Touch Gesture mechanics
    • 10 unique mini games with various difficulty levels
    • Each game has its own unique cool retro soundtrack
    • Competitive ranking with just friends or the whole world (through Facebook/Game Centre).

    Additional Information:
    • For the Apple App Store
    • Designed for iPhone 5/6/6 Plus & iPad models
    • Price: US $1.99 (Tier 2)
    • NO In-App Purchases!
    • Available worldwide (with metadata localization for all major countries)

    Contact Information:
    • General Enquiries:
    • Website:
    • Twitter:
    • Facebook:
    • YouTube:

    App Launch Competition: $5,000 Cash Prize Pool!!
    • $3,000 cash to 1st place winner!!
    • More info:

    Please feel free to PM for a Promo Code :)
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    Dec 16, 2014
    0.99 cents!

    Oh and we are having a promotional launch price of $0.99c !! :D

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