After all this time...


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Jan 14, 2002
South Dakota, USA
Over a year ago I started working on my buddy to switch from a Windows computer to a Mac. Well this past week after his old PC finally died he bought a brand new 15" iMac 800 SuperDrive. Considering his old computer was a 350MHz Pentium II running Windows his first remark was...this sucker flies! He is excited for Jaguar as well when I told him it will be a lot faster then 10.1 on that machine. He said... "I waited too long to switch to a Mac" Coming from a boy that was a die hard PC guy, this is remarkable. He told me he was using OSX right away, much easier then Windows was and it does so much more then his old computer could do...better software, better OS, and much, much better graphics and speed.

Well Steve should be happy, I brought one over for him. If we all could do that...just bring one over...we could double Apples market share...and then if all of those people could bring one more over...just think! I suppose even though I recruited a new member of the Mac family, they still won't give me a better deal on that new eMac I have been thinking about!
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