After dealing with warranty service, other warranty service seems much better!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlphaDogg, Apr 29, 2011.

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    I have dealt with Apple's warranty service and their "geniuses" on multiple occasions. To sum it up, Apple's employees will try to blame you if even the slightest thing is awry (ie a dent). I even remember hearing about a guy who brought in his PowerBook (in the PPC days) for warranty repair, and Apple denied him service because he had a sticker from an orange on the screen bezel.

    I recently got a new hybrid bike (no, it is not partially electric or gasoline, it is 100% leg powered) at Sports Authority (SA for short). It was a big mistake purchasing it there instead of my local bike shop, but that's another story. SA put a Schwinn branded tire on the bike. That wouldn't be a problem if it was a Schwinn bike, and it matched the other tire. But no, my bike is a K2 bike. I took it to SA to replace the tire. Long story short: they made up some story as to why it was supposed to come with a Schwinn tire. They denied that it was even the wrong tire. Meanwhile, I contacted K2, who told me that they don't use Schwinn tires and they would be happy to replace the tires and send me better ones with reflective strips painted on the sidewalls of the tires. This was warranty service at its finest. The manufacturer of the product (the bike) not only sent me out replacement parts for something that their distributor screwed up, but they sent me nicer replacement parts than what the bike originally came with! They also expected me to replace the tires myself. This would have been a problem if I didn't have the tools and expertise to do so, but I had those so it was no problem at all. I don't recall ever having a company send me parts to fix my own product (computer, device, gadget, mechanical device, bicycle, etc).


    Edit: forgot to mention that when I purchased the bike, the Schwinn logo was covered up my permanent marker, and I noticed the marker there and cleaned it off to reveal the logo. This means that someone purposely covered it up. The treads on both tires had the same pattern, but the Schwinn branded tire was 38mm wide while the rear tire was 35mm wide (correct to the bike's specs on K2's website).
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    A company sending you raw parts is not necessarily better service.

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