After reading this, I think I need to subscribe to The Daily.

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    (I found this one interesting too: )
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    Disney didn't invent the term Prince Charming. Oscar Wilde did in Dorian Gray.

    Anyway, the being swept off her feet and 'living happily ever after' concept has been around for centuries in all the old fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty was printed in 1697, so is much older still), so that must mean women have had unrealistic romantic expectations since the Dark Ages.

    That this guy gal correlates this age-old cultural concept to modern Disney cartoons, to paraphase his her own words here: would be quaint if it weren’t so damaging to adult brain synapses.

    Edit - probably a bit of an over the top reply from me, but anything praising Murdoch just triggers a Pavlov reaction in me, like a white blood cell automatic immune response.
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    Thanks for sharing OP. I liked them. Too bad I don't have an iPad to test The Daily out on.:(

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