Age Requirement to Work in an Apple Store and Coaching Please? (Louisville Area)

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    Jul 22, 2013
    Hey guys! A little new here, so my apologies if this is posted in the wrong forum. I recently turned 16 and am considering applying at my local Apple Store to be a Specialist. I know technology very well for my age, and have been very successful in creating Apple converts. When friends or family are in doubt, I'm the first one they come to when it comes to troubleshooting, advice on their computing needs, as well as teaching them tricks to get the most out of their purchases.

    In my encounters at the Genius Bar, they said that they love the fact that I am able to effectively describe my problem in detail, replicate it, and discuss my desired result. I was told it makes their jobs a lot easier, and went as far as suggesting I apply online at one point. Yes, they were aware of my age at the time of their recommendation. I have received words of encouragement from numerous floor employees saying "don't let age get to you, just show them how good you are like you did to us and we hope all turns out well for you."

    Here's the accomplishments/projects snippet of my cover letter: I've been making great strides in achieving this goal in the past year alone. A few of my accomplishments I'm extremely proud to share with you are:
    - The ability to build and maintain my first machine, as well as install advanced software such as operating systems.
    - Being able to provide the best possible advice and support to my friends, family, and neighbors, as well as performing minor repairs to their systems such as component swaps and network diagnostics.
    - My knowledge and ability to repair and prevent common computer problems such as viruses, malware, and spyware.
    - Recognized as a Microsoft Office 2010 Specialist.
    - Lastly, A passion to actively pursue a greater understanding of what today's technology can do for today's consumers, while providing great, unbiased advice at the same time that customers can look up to.

    Based on that information, do you think I'd have a slight chance of getting talent spotted despite my age?

    Your input is appreciated!
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    My advice to you as a nearly 40 year old is do not choose Apple retail as your carrier path. Stay on in school and get some qualifications to go with your enthusiasm. By all means carry on working part time or helping out friends and neighbours, but please recognise it is probably never going to be a well paid career. Even Geniuses don't make great money. You would be better off studying and working for an I.T company who support businesses etc. Retail is always bad pay, bad hours. Haven't you ever noticed in the apple store they are all of a certain age? Thats because the older ones all realise that the job has no prospects and move on.
    Sorry for the downer by the way. Just the advice I wish I had listened to at 15 when I left school.
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    Jul 22, 2013
    Understandable. I will take note of that.
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    Having been in Apple stores it seems like they hire all different ages and types of people. I'd say if you have the right personality for it and find a place that is hiring your age shouldn't be a problem. As for what the last poster said, yeah I wouldn't drop out of school to work at the Apple store but it isn't bad to go into retail. Even if you do go to college you will probably be in entry level retain jobs until your early 20s so you might as well work some place you like.
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    You sound like a great candidate for either FRS or Genius but I *think* you are required to be 18.

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