Aging Is Reversible in Cells Long Term Study Finds

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by DakotaGuy, Jul 1, 2017.

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    So although it's possible human lifespan could increase over time with this treatment, the biggest benefit is improving a human's health span. Treatments like this could help save money on healthcare for older people.

    Now they predict this could become a real thing within 10 years (perfect time for my 50th birthday!) but do you think something like this will become the next big social debate? If we start treating cells to reverse aging will some start saying we can't do it because we are playing God? I'm just curious your thoughts.
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    It's true the practical use would be more to improve health in the later years of what we now consider a normal lifespan, rather than to turn us all into 200-year old geezers. It's less expensive for older people to continue living home than for them to land in a nursing facility just because assorted components of their bodies don't let them get the chores done any more (never mind have as much fun).

    I'd love to be as active in my late 80s as I hope to be in my late 70s. otoh I could trip over either of the cats tonight and never need any new tech past whatever are the latest in coffin hinges. Everything's always a day at a time for everyone. Maybe especially if you share space with a cat who likes to stop in front of you to see if you're paying attention on the way downstairs in the morning. My two rascals don't seem to get it that if they kill me before breakfast, their breakfast is off the menu too.

    Probably the main objection to actually extending human lifespan would be that aging is Mother Nature's way of making room for entirely new people. People with all the energy and tabula rasa potential to see things differently and innovate with those new eyes. Newborns, who don't vote, are the most logically entitled to complain about elders making use of this breakthrough tech just to extend the time they take up space on the planet.

    On the other hand I have read that some demographers are a little concerned about the low birth rate of American millennials. That could be a temporary anomaly, or not. So... bring on the tech. It will all work out well in the end.

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