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Discussion in 'Community' started by Applexilef, May 5, 2004.

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    Feb 3, 2004
    Ok guys, I have a question.

    When setting up an air conditioning system, which is the best way to set up the Air vents and the retur air grill? Is it better to place the air ducts on the floor and the return airs on the ceiling? viceversa? some other way?

    It'd be cool to get an answer with some kind of reasoning. Also, this would be regarding the use of high-speed velocity ducts (small diameter air ducts where air travels at high speed). And, if it has any effect on it, I would also add that it is to be used for a modular housing project in Boston.

    Let me hear some opinions!
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    you're better off having both the ducts and returns on the ceiling.

    cool air naturally falls so a register on the ceiling that spreads the flow of cool air will give you better coverage than a low or floor vent. ntm, furniture and stuff can interupt the flow of cool air from a floor vent. also, you can better distribute the cool air with a ceiling fan.

    as for the air returns...a floor mount would capture tons of dust and debris that would inhibit the flow. if you've ever cleaned an old floor furnace vent-you know what i mean. i highly recommend Filtrete filters...they're expensive but they work better than any other on the market.

    check your local power company, many offer rebates on insulation, energystar a/c units and ceiling fans.

    geez, i know far more about this than i should... ;)

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