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Discussion in 'Community' started by saabmp3, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Ok, so this summer I'm making 4 or 5 cross country trips for family events and other miscellaneous personal agenda's. A couple of these trips are disposable, and upon seeing the price of airline tickets in the past month, I took 2 off the list, but that still leaves me with weddings to go to, significant parties, etc. I got almost all of my tickets comped under frequent flyer miles. (through singing up for credit cards with bonus miles, etc, don't worry, I'm very responsible with my credit cards).

    Now, I'm working on car rentals. I need to rent a car from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport for 5 days in the beginning of August. So far, using my company's corporate discount (legit), I got the rate of a full size car down to $185/5 days (plus about 50 bucks in tax I assume). But, I'm going to be spending alot of time in this car (driving over 700 miles, so unlimited miles are a MUST, GPS is a worth while addition too). Being august and I'm going to a lake, I'm looking at convertible rates, right now the best price is 530 including all taxes, etc. Being the money councious person I am, 530 just isn't going to fly. 350 used to be my high, now it's up to 400, but this has to include tax. Does anyone know any other cheap ways of getting a rental car?

    Of things to note, I'm 21, so I need to be able to combine any discount with my corporate one (which bring the age limit from 25 to 21). Can I use any frequent flyer miles with this deal as well? I'd like to stick with Avis if possible, hertz as another option.


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    Join the Auto Club. They get you lots of discounts.
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    Unfortunately your age may affect the price a bit. Many car rental companies won't even rent at all to someone under 25, and the ones that will often charge a bit more. That said, I've found that often car rental companies will post their best rates on their websites. Go online and look for web deals. Also check out They can sometimes give you a good price.
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    yeah, it is not cool how they have the 25 and under rule, i felt it too the other day, going on a trip from L.A. to Kansas City, Missouri. But if you dont have AAA it is a good idea to join it, they set up everything.
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    and im sure they are thinking its not cool what the 24 and under crowd do to their cars.

    however, everyone has been in this situation at one time or another and i agree it sucks and that it blows that a certain percentage of "24 and under" ruin it for the rest of us. but hey, at least us mac users are in a "certain percentage" that reflects coolness and positivity.
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    Hertz probably doesn't want to know what this 25 year-old did to their car last month. :eek:

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