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May 18, 2015
For exercises with much body movement, like swinging kettlebells, I currently use the AirPods 2. I also own the AirPods Pro 1st Gen, but have found that they tend to fall out when doing much body movement.

One of my AirPods 2 pods just died, and this is probably the eighth pod to die that has the 1st Gen form factor (I've had many AirPods 1 pods die, and this is the first to die from AirPods 2, whereas I've never had a problem with my AirPods Pro after 2.5 years of use).

I am considering getting the AirPods 3 specifically for exercise, or just getting a replacement AirPod 2. Curious what are your experiences with AirPods 3 when doing exercises with body movement like I mentioned? The AirPods 3 form factor seem to resemble the AirPods Pro which aren't good for exercise imo but that's probably because of the ear tips.
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Oct 13, 2021
Some people find the 3rd gen to fit slightly better but some say the previous ones did so it’s subjective. As far as moving around, they are hard plastic tips and are meant to rest inside the ear so they’ll fall out or move at some point. APP will fit differently given the tips but your best is the Beats Fit Pro. I’ve had a lot of headphones over the years for working out and you need a hook style or wingtip style. The Powerbeats Pro (hook) are ok but they had some charging issues, lacked features and the case is huge. Beats Fit Pro are the best gym headphones on the market IMO. Noise cancellation, usb c, small case, etc and are only $20 more than the regular 3rd gen.
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