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Airpods battery saving trick.Will this work?


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Jul 12, 2018
Hello everyone, I have tried this with Apple Pencil 2. I hardly ever use my Apple Pencil 2 these days after 1.5 year and I have noticed if you connect your Apple Pencil 2 via Bluetooth to your iPad Pro and then use your AP 2 for some time and then disconnect or turn bluetooth off and attach the pencil to the iPad or keep it stationary on the table, but the AP 2 will keep losing charge, slowly but it does and that's okay as it's always on, but if you do this -

1) You have your Apple Pencil 2 connected via bluetooth and you used it for say 30 minutes.

2) Now you go to settings - then click on i button and forget device and then you turn off your bluetooth.

By doing this you unpair the Apple Pencil from iPad Pro and AP 2 thinks it's brand new like it was never connected to iPad Pro and it's the same you first purchased and connect it to your iPad Pro. By doing this forget device - Apple Pencil even after weeks or a month will not lose a single % of charge and I have tested this for 6 to 8 months and it always worked for me.

Now, my question is will the same thing work w/ Airpods/Airpods Pro? I use my Airpods Pro w/ iPod Nano 7th and not w/ my iPhone at all. So, if I forget the device in my iPod Nano 7th generation will my Airpods Pro stop losing charge?

Actually on Apple Pencil 1/2 there's no light and once you do forget device for AP 1/2 it doesn't have white light, but when you forget AirPods Pro and put them in the case and then open the case again they show green light, but not white light as in pairing mode? So, does it mean, AirPods Pro even w/ forget device are bound/paired w/ the device you last used?

The only way to get white light flashing on AirPods Pro when you reset them. So, is resetting them after every use makes them completely unpair from the device and not by forgetting them?

I know, this isn't the way you use your Airpods, but it's just a hunch, like does Airpods also work like Apple Pencil and can the same be checked w/ Beats headphones?

Kindly share your valuable opinions.

Thanks for reading.


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Apr 1, 2013
Interesting point, however this could also be a way of keeping the battery in a healthy state. We know iPhones will charge to a certain % and then discharge before charging again. You could be saving battery by doing this but potentially hurting the battery’s performance over its lifetime.
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