AirPods - do they fit your ears?

Does AirPods / EarPods fit your ears?

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Jun 20, 2003
Brisbane, Australia
When the EarPods first came out, much was made of how the “human ear is so unique” and that attempting to make one headphone fit everybody’s ear would be like “trying to make one pair of shoes fit everybody’s feet.” This was brought up again in the Hodinkee interview with Ive where it was casually remarked that "we’ve been able to make one item that fits everyone – consider the AirPod".

Remarkably, it seems they did just that. Anecdotally I would say they fit at least 90% of ears (with my wife's left ear being an example of an ear they don't fit - and she has to use the silicone wrap for it). And for everyone it doesn't fit it would seem the opposite is true. Has there been any studies of this? I know a poll here won't be very scientific, but please do answer this truthfully so we can get at least a ballpark.


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Apr 17, 2017
Cupertino, CA
They fit perfectly in my ears even during workout but you can buy accessories such as the skins, hooks or covers to ensure a more secure fit.
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Mar 6, 2008
EarPods fit my ears, but the cord kept snagging when I was actively doing anything. AirPods fit and the only time they've accidentally come out I was trying to take off a tight shirt.
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Paco II

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Sep 13, 2009
Neither AirPods nor EarPods fit my ears. Merely walking a short distance and they will fall out.

I use the Bragi Dash Pro. Love them. I can (and have!) jogged and played basketball and they never have fallen out.

So, someone can create something that fits all ears, just not Apple.


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Jul 20, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
It'll be interesting to revisit this after the poll gains more input.

Personally, I love my AirPods and hate the EarPods. Both fit pretty well for my enormous ear canals. I've bought many pairs of earbuds that I had to retrofit a specific pair of silicone tips (that I obtained about 10+ years ago) just to be able to have a proper seal. Seriously, my ear canals are so big almost no off-the-shelf buds in the sub-$150 bracket will fit me without doing some modifications. My AirPods could fit a lot better, but they DO fit. They don't move very much from sweating, and unless I'm trying my damnedest to get the biggest punch with the bass response they're extremely consistent with the sound... so that tells me they definitely fit.

The EarPods that came with my 8 Plus needed some finessing to get them in a good spot, and just the cord weight/moving around would move them around inside my ear enough to ruin the sound. I've yet to have a time where moving the EarPods gave me any hassle close to this. For people with larger ear canals, I highly recommend them as your first iPhone accessory.
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May 19, 2015
The airpods do not match my ears.
And put silicone in it is uncomfortable, because it does not go into the luggage cover.

Paco II

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Sep 13, 2009
AirPods are a nice product for those that it fits. For others, like me, where it does not fit well at all, there are excellent (better??) alternatives to the AirPods like the Dash Pro. For me, no point in 'hacking' AirPods to try and make them fit.
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