Airport Express LAN port takes duty of fried WAN port?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by InfoTime, Jul 29, 2013.

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    At a client's tonight. A few months ago I setup their network at their new house consisting of a Time Capsule and a hard-wired Airport Express to extend the range. They had a lightning strike and some equipment was replaced.

    The Airport Express wasn't working right. I did a full reset and reconfigured it. The Airport Utility complained that the WAN port was not connected. All the troubleshooting I did showed that the WAN port was bad.

    As I was about to give up I plugged the Ethernet cable from the switch downstairs into the LAN port - it worked!

    Previously I had that line coming from the switch going to the WAN port. There was a Blu-ray player hooked to the LAN port.

    So, I've lost the ability to have a second device connected, but it's working again as a network extender. Is that too weird or is it normal for the ports to get reassigned or repurposed?
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    Since you're extending an existing network & not using the AirPort as a router, the WAN and LAN ports are essentially interchangeable. Fortunate that the device that got fried was configured in this way, it would not have worked out if this AirPort was creating a network.
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    With a Port reduction sauce.

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