Airport Extreme (Dual-Band): Force 5 GHz connection?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by kellte2, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Does anyone know how to configure the Airport Extreme Dual Band router to auto connect @ 5.0 GHz wireless N every time. If I allow the connection to be fully automatic, I oftentimes find myself on the 54 Mbps 'g' connection. Even if I use the 'secret' option and set the Radio Mode to: "802.11 n only (5.0 GHz) - 802.11b/g", I still often find myself on the g spectrum according to the network utility.

    I also have designated a separate SSID for the 5.0 GHz spectrum, but I always auto-connect to the 'g' connect unless I untick the box "Remember Networks this computer has joined" in the advanced tab for Network preferences.

    Anyone have any ideas regarding how I can autoconnect to the 5.0 GHz N-frequency with more ease/leaving on "Remember networkds this computer has joined"? Thanks
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    if you go the the networking portion of system preferences on your mac, select airport then hit the advanced button, make sure the N network is listed first, you can drag the list around to get it in the right order.

    also keep in mind a 5GHz signal doesn't travel through walls as well, so if you are far away from or have several walls between you and the router, you may be able to get the B/G signal but not the N.
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    Just add your 5GHz network, and don't add the 2.4GHz network to your preferred networks list.

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