Airport Extreme giving slower broadband over wifi than wired

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Spanky Deluxe, May 29, 2012.

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    I'm noticing a drop in internet speed between a wired and a wireless connection with Airport Extremes and Time Capsules.

    Here's my setup:

    Ground floor:
    FTTC broadband modem -wire-> Airport Extreme -wire-> Mac Mini

    First floor:
    Time capsule extending wifi network -wire-> Mac Pro

    Second floor:
    Airport Extreme extending wifi network

    Broadband speed measured on the Mac Mini on the ground floor is 62.85 Mbps down 16.12 Mbps up.

    Broadband speed measured on the Mac Pro on the first floor is 49.48 Mbps down 16.21 Mbps up.

    Download speed is consistently slower on the Mac Pro that is wired directly to the Time Capsule extending the wifi network. The link speed doesn't seem to be a problem as the Time Capsule's connection is Excellent, has a data rate of 405 Mb/s. The top floor's Airport Extreme is also Excellent with data rate 216 Mb/s.

    Timing a file copy from my Mac Pro to the Mac Mini gives a real world network speed of 125 Mb/s so there don't appear to be any applicable bottlenecks to the broadband speed.

    Any ideas on what I can try to get the lost speed back? Ping or upload speed don't seem to be affected btw.
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    What is the confusion here? The Mac Pro will obviously be slower because it is essentially on the extended wireless network. Wiring it to the Time Capsule extending the network doesn't mean you'll get wired speeds... you'll get wireless speeds.
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    What Spanky means is that he tested a file copy from the Mac Pro to the Mac Mini which is - correctly - an extended wireless connection.

    His problem is however the internet connection: downstairs it is 62 Mb/s, upstairs 49 Mb/s. Where does the 13 Mb/s go? As he tested, the wireless file copy came up to 125 Mb/s so his internal network cannot be the problem.

    Spanky: did you try to change the Downstairs AE and the TM on the first floor and then see what happens to your internet speeds?

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