Airport(extreme) + Tivo?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Ramsos, May 7, 2003.

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    Nov 13, 2002
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    This may be a silly question but I want to know if anyone here has succesfully used an airport base station with their tivo series 2 DVR. I am asking this because I have a TIBook 800 and a Sony tivo system, I am interested in the tivo home media option. and wireless internet sounds good also. I went to Tivo's website and i saw that you can use a wireless usb adapter with the tivo as long as it complies with the 802.11b standard which is what I believe standard airport runs at. Here is my conflict. can the airport recognize non apple airport card devices and secondly can I buy an airport extreme base station and use it instead of an old one. The reason I want to do this is because I plan on buying a 17 inch Alubook when they annouce the second generation, so can airport extreme handle both 802.11g and 802.11b and will it recognize my tivo with a wireless 802.11b adapter. a
    Any input will be helpfull thanks. (BTW I understand that if I buy an airport extreme base station that my tibook will not take advantage of 802.11g)
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    Feb 7, 2002
    i think its more of a question if the sony will support it. and the answer is yes because its made for it. as long as the drivers are there to get the signal out there you are good to go. buy that adapter and it will becomes a part of your airport extreme network. then download the tivo software and you should be set. although i havent tried it i dont see why this wouldnt work, hopefully someone who has it can confirm for you.

  3. AnotherMortal macrumors regular

    Jan 14, 2003
    TiVo and wireless

    Checkout the TiVo forums at the following location: which I just noticed was offline. :( There are other forums, but the basic thing is that you need (supposedly) version 4.0 of the TiVo software to do wireless, but version 3.0 to do wired. You also need to use the Linksys adapters they recommend, though others have been reported to work. This is due to compatibility between the hardware and the linux driver used on the TiVo (yeah., the TiVo uses a PPC with Linux)
    I'm using wired on my new Series 2 TiVo and a D-link base station. Works fine.
    The Apple Base station uses the standard 802.11b (Extreme uses 802.11g) and should be compatible regardless of who makes the cards, as long as they support 802.11b(or g) I recommend sticking with 802.11b and that should work fine with an new Extreme base station.
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    May 1, 2003
    In the new issue of Business 2.0. It talks about Tivo and the ability of apple to link to it. But it goes futher than that, the actually article is about why it is a :

    Good idea for apple to buy Tivo.

    They seemed to make this conclusion based on future legal issues of tivo hampering its future in the market, and how nicely it would fit in with the OSX, and steve ability to market the idea.

    But nowhere in the article they said there was evidence of an interest of apple buying tivo, just that they thought it would be a good move for both companies.

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