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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by jbrown, Apr 27, 2004.

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    Jul 7, 2002
    Right, I've posted these before, but will have another go---

    I have four questions regarding setting up Airport. My setup is:
    Powerbook Alu 1.25ghz, Airport Extreme base station.

    1) In the old days - aka Jagwire - when I connected to my Airport network, let it sign on to the AOL number, started AOL and connected via TCP/IP, I was connected and could check my e-mails, and surf web pages -- but now ( up to Panther ) - I can get as far as signing on and checking my mail, but cant get any web pages to launch - either in AOL or Safari ---- any thought people???

    2) At the moment I have my Airport extreme base station set up with my Epson printer plugged into its USB port - so I can print wirelessly which is great. But what I'd REALLY like is to plug in my USB hub into the basestation's USB port and be able to use my other USB peripharels ( or at least so of them - they are: Canon 2440u scanner, Harmon Kardon speakers, wacom tablet, ). Ant thoughts as to how to make this work??

    3) Is there a cheap antenna for the base station - Dr. Bott is just too expensive

    4) When I turn my Airport software 'On' it straight away starts to dial my access number - this is really annoying - before it only connected when I told it to. But I can't deem to find a way to stop this .

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    Justin :D :D :)

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