Airport suddenly stopped working...are bootcamp and a pram reset the cause?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by adrianawolfe, Jan 6, 2013.

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    As the title suggests, my problems started shortly after installing Bootcamp Windows 7 on my 2010 iMac computer.

    Going to the Windows side was fine, except that after a while the connection would stop working. That was fine, I'd boot up the Apple side and continue surfing from there.

    Except the booting times. And only to the Apple side. Booting up used to take 30 seconds tops - now it was taking upwards of 10-15 minutes, with that little black bar at the bottom dragging its feet into starting up my Mac. Starting up Windows was fine.

    I read about the pram reset fix online to shorten these bootup times, and I tried it. Several times. Nothing seemed to work, so I let it open up normally.

    Now - the Airport says its connected to my wireless. It even has the four full black bars on the indicator. It also connects (albeit more weakly) to other open connections it picks up. Network Diagnostics says the thing's connected, all the lights are green, except...

    Nothing. Not a single browser can connect to any web page, AIM and email can't load, and nothing at all is connecting. Despite everything on the router, which is providing the same connection that I'm now using on this laptop, on the computer, on Network Diagnostics saying that I'm connected, I most assuredly AM NOT online.

    Please - if there's a fix available, let me know! Even if there is no fix other than to reinstall everything, I still would like to know what the hell happened. It was my first time with either Bootcamp or a pram reset. Please!

    Edit - I should add that even connecting it via Ethernet still results in nothing.
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    It shouldn't take 10 minutes to boot regardless. No PC made in the last 20+ years should.

    Try a few things:

    Boot from the recovery partition (CMD-R at start up until you see the Apple logo if you are running 10.7 or 8. Boot from install DVD if 10.6). When its loaded go to disk utility, click on your boot drive and then click on repair drive. After you do that click on repair permissions. Reboot normally and see if that doesn't fix the issue.

    If that doesn't work download a program called OnyX. Make sure you download the right version for your version of OS X. Launch and run the maintenance scripts. Quit and reboot.

    If that doesn't help then the next easiest thing to reinstall your OS as something probably did get very badly botched during Bootcamp install.

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