airport (ti book 667) & non apple wep


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Jul 24, 2002
brooklyn, babay, brooklyn
ok, so i searched the web.
found lots of information.
absolutly nothing that seems to actually work.
here goes:

i've got an apple (ti) 667 (the older one, not the current) with built-in airport and have tried it with both a linksys and an smc wireless rounter.
all is fine without encryption but whenever i try to make it work with encryption...nada.

i've got all the recent updates of osx and airport - when i choose the network from the little pull-down on the antenna icon i get the 'password / 40-bit / 128-bit dialog box and very carefully input the hex key that is sitting happily within my router (i've tried 128 and 40 both) but the (ti) will NEVER manage to actually connect.

my xp machine has no problems but my beloved (ti) seems left out of the party if i encrypt things so right now everything is open...which i'd rather it was not.

anyay, if anyone has any idea at all about what to do it would be greatly appreciated.



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Jan 15, 2002
i remember reading somewhere that the linksys router doesn't see the encrypted airport signal
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