Al Gore, Gets Paid Over $1 Million a Day to Sit on Apple’s Board.

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    I found this story on the drudge report. I am unfamiliar with this website and so I have no idea if this story is true or if it is just an anti-apple type of attack. I thought that somebody here might find it interesting since it is a news story about apple.

    This is the link to the site:

    Al Gore, Man of the People, Gets Paid Over $1 Million a Day to Sit on Apple’s Board, $125,000 per hour
    May 6, 2013 | Filed under #Occupy,Al Gore,Categories | Posted by Thomas Grace
    If you want a poster child for corporate greed, you can look no further than Al Gore. After he failed to get enough votes to win Florida, and therefore the Presidential election in 2000, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs added him to the list of Yes Men on Apple’s board of directors.

    A report out today says Al Gore cashed out about half of his Apple stock options in January to the tune of $30 million and has at least $15 million more. But that was his bonuses, that didn’t include his base pay. According to Reuters, during the height of the 2008 recession, Al Gore ‘only’ made $633,000 per year, or $127,000 per board meeting, since the board only met fives times that year. — However according to SEC filings, by 2010, his yearly compensation was back up to $1.3 million per year.

    Looking at the numbers, Gore has made about $1,000,000 a year for the last 10 years to sit on a board that was famously paid to agree with Steve Jobs. And then he got $45 million in stock options as a bonus for a total of about $55 million. Considering the board meets about 5 times years, that’s just over $1,000,000 per day or $125,000 per hour.

    So what has Gore done to earn that money? Gore’s most famous accomplishment was to lead the board’s investigating committee, which “cleared CEO Steve Jobs and current management of wrongdoing” in a stock option backdating scandal which Apple later admitted Jobs knew about.

    When you’re Al Gore, Greed is good.
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    The Drudge Report is a right-wing fantasy news site where facts are made up and reality doesn't matter.

    I don't doubt that Al Gore gets paid as they have stated, but this article is clearly an attempt to attack Gore due to his party affiliation. The author should have just made the title of the article "Democrats are Hypocrites", because that's the core message here.

    I'm sure none of the guys that sit on the NRA or Exon boards make any money whatsoever, right? Or if they do, they donate it to charity, right?

    There's an old saying about not throwing stones when one lives in a glass house...
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    Don't hate the playa; hate the game.

    Good for him if he is getting that much. We enable this behavior by buying Apple products. The truth is, there is not a product out there that is Karma free. With the good of the product comes some not so good stuff.
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    In 2011 his compensation was 1.278million. Nearly 1.3 million.

    I'll have to compliment your left wing cherry picking skills :)


    I'm pretty sure the sec doesn't make stuff up. These facts aren't made up. Both sides spin things so badly though.
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    Ah, my bad. I was looking at the 2012 proxy. Still, the headline that Gore made $1M per day is incredibly misleading. It probably bugs me more because I can't stand Gore. There's plenty of thins to have a go at him for, but misrepresenting stuff just to fire up a certain political base drives me nuts.
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    In other news, rich people make a lot of money, more at 11pm...
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    Maybe I was not paying attention but I have never seen a shareholder proposal against Al in my proxy materials. Oh, and in case anyone thinks shareholder proposals are made by lackeys - typically the board suggests voting no on most of them.
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