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May 6, 2009
I have an iphone 3GS and running ios 5.1 and I just noticed that under contacts, in "All contacts", i have 696 contacts, but under the group "All iCloud", I have 635 contacts. Now I am worried not all my contacts are backed up.

How do i make all my contacts get backed up into iCloud?

P.S. when i try to comepare some recent contacts added ( thinking maybe it stopped backing up at some point) , but i cant really find a contact that it doesnt have in icloud, but the numbers are so different. maybe it didnt backup duplicates? (i dunno if i had any) I am just confused because of the numbers
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Jun 30, 2010
If I were you, I'd compare your contacts on or (Contacts on a Mac) to the ones on your iPhone and re-add the ones you're missing.


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Jan 23, 2005
It sounds like you have some contacts still in the "On my Mac" section of Contacts and not all of them are in the iCloud section. Open the OS X Contacts app and look in the sidebar under On my Mac and drag those all into the iCloud section.
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