All I want for the iPhone 3G birthday are my two requests...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by infosprt, May 4, 2008.

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    Flash Support

    In the past I didn't think it was that important. But now what with Google Street Views requiring Flash I think Flash is a must have.

    Upload a photo to a website from within the Safari browser

    Wouldn't it be nice to upload an iPhone photo to Costco for example. I know there are workarounds for sites like Facebook and Flickr but they involve emailing the photo which would be nicer if you could just upload it directly. My old Windows Mobile 5.0 HTC cellphone had this capability and I was really distressed when the iPhone didn't have it.

    Any other opinions on what are the two most needed new features for the upcoming 3G iPhone?
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    Apr 29, 2008
    It is possible if you have a jailbroken iphone. There is an application called "iFlickr", which uploads the photos to your flickr account.
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    Flash most likely is not going to happen. At least not for awhile. Adobe and Apple have historically conflicted over many things, and flash on the iPhone is definitely one of them. The announcement by Adobe declaring their intention to build flash for the iPhone back in March was quickly retracted. For many reasons, I don't forsee Flash support on the next version of the firmware.

    I guess the only thing I would wish for IF a new iPhone is released in June (which I don't believe is going to happen) is that the chipset will have been innovated enough that it doesn't crush the iPhone's battery. From what I can tell, it is obviously feasible to have 3G and GPS, to make use of those features will drain the iPhone's battery extremely quick. I haven't seen any actual data that the "new" chipsets have adequetely dealt with battery-life issue. Coupled with the rumored GPS, and we'll be recharging our iPhone every hour:eek:

    For me, most of the features I'm looking for will be coming more on the software side than the hardware side. A 5 megapixel camera? Meh. Except for true photographers, who will be using an actual CAMERA, the difference between 2 and 5 megapixels is only noticeable if you are trying to make poster-sized prints of your pictures. I'd take it, of course, but I don't really care. I have a great digital camera for all of my real photography and it is only 3 Megapixels (its old) but it takes amazing photographs. Except for pros and those who just have to have the latest-and-greatest for its own sake, 2 megapixels is just fine. The existing camera blows away any other camera-phone I've ever had. I don't see Apple spending much R & D on the camera, and I think that's why the first gen had such a basic one- real photographers are never going to rely on a phone to take their pictures. Nice to have in a pinch, but a cell phone camera is not and will never be a replacement for a real camera.

    I like the idea of a video camera in the front so you can video chat. The current camera, coupled with the right software, is a fine vid. camera, but for the most seamless iChat experience, it would need to be in the front.

    BUt I digress:
    The 2 most needed hardware upgrades, IMO, are:

    1. A chipset that will truly be able to manage power for 3G and GPS if they come. Otherwise, I'll stick with EDGE.

    2. A non-recessed headphone jack. I hate those things! Sure, there's adapters, but have you seen those things? There like 3 inches long and butt ugly! I want to use my Vibes with my iPhone, damnit! And I don't want a gigantic plastic pole sticking out of the top my iPhone to do it!
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    But then you would need an iCostco, iWalGreen, iBlog ...

    Possibly some of these sites may release an iPhone app once the iPhone is updated for SDK apps. But the need for a photo upload capability is general in nature.

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