All the pieces are in place, finally made the move I was hesitant to make for years..

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DougFNJ, Feb 25, 2011.

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    I have always had interest in Apple products.

    When the iPods began being mass produced for Windows, I bought one, and upgraded every version they released. I have also given many iPods for gifts. iPhone had been released a few years ago, and as bad as I wanted one, I couldn't move to AT&T due to my company being set on Verizon. I used Palm and Android as stopgaps, but nothing was giving me the satisfaction of the iPhone I envied AT&T customers for. I was happy Apple released the Touch which worked nicely for iPhone functions without the phone. It gave me great familiarity with the OS, and I wanted to count on it for PDA functions, but without vibrate and mobile email, it didn't make sense to use both the Droid AND the Touch. Last year iPad was released, I reserved myself a 64GB place in line and patiently awaited with many members here as we all impatiently discussed our upcoming purchases, I had since upgraded that to the 64GB 3G on unlimited :D

    Christmas time, I got a gift card for Best Buy and bought an Apple TV with it....Then iPhone moved it's way into the Verizon network, needless to say I was up at 3AM preorder night making that purchase, and sold my iPod Touch and Droid X to pay for the full retail 32GB and I am in geek HEAVEN, 1 device, 1 OS servicing all of my mobile needs, and the iPad there when I want something bigger but just as simple.

    I had wanted a Mac for a while. A couple years ago when both my desktop AND laptop crashed in the disaster of '09 (for me) I NEEDED a laptop and was wanting to go Mac but couldn't afford the premium price to get one in the emergency I was in at the time. Had I had time then, I probably would had done what I did this week.

    The iPhone has been on my belt for 3 weeks now, and going back and forth between it and the iPad and not needing any other devices in between has been great. Not to mention being able to access Pandora, Netflix, Slingplayer, iTunes Podcasts wirelessly through my car stereo which has used an iPod hardwire hookup for 5 years now has been a lot of fun.

    So as I purchased a case and had a screen protector applied at the Apple Store after I got my iPhone, I played with the Mac for quite a while. I went home to my Windows laptop and never looked at it the same.....

    I started watching Apple Keynotes and Video Reviews of the Mac feeding the was time.

    So last week I started pricing them out and Brand New at the store with what I wanted was still going to go a bit over my budget of what I was looking to spend, even looking at retailers with discounted pricing was more than I have with all I recently spent. I got an email from Ebay giving me a 10% off computers and electronics, how much more perfect timing could you get :)

    So for the last week and a half I was going through Ebay tempted to buy used, but wanting new. I found a seller not too far from where I live advertising a Brand New MacBook Pro with Office for $1100 plus shipping. The package would cost me around $1450 with tax. I emailed the seller back and forth for validity that it was indeed new, and to see if I could get the price lowered. We agreed on the price of $1000 which gave me an excellent deal with the coupon. I called Apple to verify this Macbook had not been registered and that it was not obtained illegally which was confirmed good to go :D Needless to say, the Windows Laptop is sitting on Ebay at a significantly lower price than I paid for it :( but I got what I have ultimately wanted all along. I Macbook Pro with the specs for what I need it to do, 2.4GHz Core Duo Processor, 4 GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive :D

    So I sit here now having everything newly loaded into it, starting fresh, and enjoying learning the new features.....Gestures has made this a LOT of fun so far :D

    Sorry for the long book, just wanted share my excitement :) so happy to be part of the Mac Community FINALLY
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    Toronto, Canada
    Great story and congratulations on your newest Apple product. I'm sure it will give you the same satisfaction and happiness of your other Apple products over the years! Enjoy.
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    Aug 13, 2002
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    Welcome along!

    And isn't gestures great, if you go and use a Windows PC thats when you really notice how useful they are.
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Thanks guys, I am finding myself being impressed over and over, I LOVE the honeymoon phase of a new computer :p

    Now I just need to figure out how not to have to wipre and restore my iPhone....I'm learning
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    Jan 31, 2011
    Great story, welcome to the world according to Mac.

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