All these "invisible shields" its hard to tell what's good


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Jul 10, 2009
I really want to be able to use my iphone "naked" so I can see the sexy apple on the back and because I just like the design of the phone and hate having to keep a case on it. After looking through a ton of threads on here I can't seem to find any of these invisible shield type things that anyone can agree is good enough. Does anyone really use these without a case or am I just dreaming thinking that will be enough to protect my phone?

To be clear I'm mostly concerned with scratch protection, not dropping protecting which none of the invisible shields protect from obviously.


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Nov 26, 2011
For me, I would only use these shields for the back of the phone and not the front. Phantomskinz makes a matte type of protector for the iphne and bestskinsever has some of the cheapest prices for full body coverage.


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Sep 18, 2010
Hamilton, New Zealand
If all you want is scratch protection, film protectors for the front and back is more than enough. Oh and you'll probably want a skin for the antenna band too since it's pretty easy to get scuffs on it.

For the antenna skin, have a look at TheLuckyLabs Spectra Wrap. You get 3 wraps with your choice of colors for $9.99.

About the front and back shields, all these brands: invisibleSHIELD, BestSkinsEver, Skinomi, Phantom Skinz, have the "orange peel" effect. You know the rough looking surface of an orange? Yeah it's like that. It's because of the material they use. So if being as close to naked is what you want then you should avoid them because they're quite noticeable. Instead, have a look at Power Support and SGP for screen protectors. No "orange peel" effect, no rainbow effects.


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Feb 9, 2011
After looking through a ton of threads on here I can't seem to find any of these invisible shield type things that anyone can agree is good enough.
Of course not. You'll never get everyone to agree on any matter involving subjective preference.

Pay attention to why people like or dislike the various options and see what sounds like it matters to you. If you only pay attention to what people suggest versus why then you're going to have trouble finding a suitable option for you.

For example: I don't like the Invisible Shield due to its rubbery texture and orange peel. I prefer PS and SGP's screen protectors because they look and feel the closest to bare glass in my opinion.

Good luck and try reading through the existing threads again.


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Oct 24, 2011
All of the soft wet apply films (Bodyguarz, Bestskinsever, Clearcoat, etc.) have orange peel.

The dry apply hard films (SGP, Power Support, Monoprice, et .) are completely clear and free of texture, as long as you get a crystal and not an anti-glare.

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