AlPowerBook Batteries, What's on the horizon?

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    Oct 27, 2003
    As I head off to college, I'm thinking another battery would be incredibly useful for my PB, especially considering that the battery that shipped with my computer is a bit decrepit (lost half it's capacity in 4 months) :(

    a few months ago a friend sent me a website of a company that was producing higher capacity batteries (than Apple) for the older powerbooks, and for less money than Apple's. At the time that I looked into the company, some months ago, they were developing batteries for the Titanium and Aluminum powerbooks. I have since lost that site, and would like it back if anyone knows what I'm talking about. But am also curious if anyone knows of any other companies with similar projects?

    I'm also surfing through the used batteries on places like eBay, always checking to make sure the Capacity isn't too low. I have a question though, does a 12in ALPowerBook battery work in a 15ALPowerbook? I haven't actually physically held them, so perhaps this is a dumb question. But they appear identical in pictures. I ask because the 12in PB crowd is smaller, and their used batteries aren't being bought up as fast :D

    I'd go buy new, but with my entrance to college, I can't really afford $130 for a battery. I worked my butt off last summer for this computer, and this summer everything is going towards things like a printer, and books.

    Thanks for any advice or info you guys can give me!

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    Feb 27, 2004
    You're probably thinking of Other World Computing:

    It doesn't look like they sell any high capacity batteries for the Aluminum PowerBooks though... just the older Titanium, Pismo, Lombard and Wallstreet models.

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