Alternative to global warming.

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    I just had a weird thought whilst working on a soil conservation website and I can't find any reason that it wouldn't be valid. Global warming states that growing human CO2 emissions are leading to warmer temperatures and higher ocean levels, etc. What if instead the rise in industrialization/population leads to more water use especially through agriculture which leads to desertification as the water tables deplete which can also lead to warmer temperature, harsher weather, and our fresh water being pushed to ocean, increasing the levels.

    It would seemingly correlate with rising CO2 emissions also as our industries grow.
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    I really don't care if global warming is real, fake, correct, incorrect, slow, fast whatever.

    Green energy is going the be the most significant source of economic growth and wealth production for the next 100 years.

    We can embrace that fact as a nation or we can be the losers of the 21'st century.
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    Whatever energy works. Green energy might be as important as you say, or it might not. Nobody is going to go out of their way to use green energy if another cheaper alternative is available. The only people who will do that are people who can afford it. It is more a status symbol than a solution to a problem. Like driving a Prius.
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    Incorrect, in it's current state "green" energy is not at all economical. Fuel cells and nuclear fusion are the two future technologies that will change things. Solar cells will never be truly economical.

    And the name "green" energy is crap. That suggests that it helps plants grow, and the best thing for plants is CO2. I think I learned that in third grade, maybe second. It's all just good marketing so people can trick the masses.
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    If you had continued with science class to fourth grade and beyond you'd have learnt that CO2 isn't necessarily the "best thing" for plants. It is an important part of plant physiology but within limits. Beyond that it has an adverse effect on plant growth both directly, and indirectly.

    E: Re: your video. It is produced by a think tank funded by oil. Whilst it does show what you are claiming it would be in error to extrapolate that to all plant life (which is the conclusion this think tank is trying to mislead people into making). All plant life is not analogous to cowpeas and neither does the worlds plants grow in a sealed vessel leaving plants immune from the indirect effect that CO2 plays in the larger environment.
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    Who cares whether its real or not? We should strive to take care of the environment for future generations regardless. Its in each individuals best interest and ultimately its in the best interest of the long-term success of our economy.
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