Alternative to MS Project.


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Nov 1, 2013
London, UK.

I'm looking for some full featured project management software.

In a previous career (10 years or so ago) I used to make significant use of MS Project. Can anyone suggest a Mac application that can do similar things? I'm looking for something more than just a tricked up To-Do list app.

It's a one off project so also keen not to break the bank.

Thanks in advance.
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Mar 21, 2014
I use Merlin and I've demoed OmniPlan, both are pretty nice and very capable scheduling/resource allocation applications. I also use MS Project - several clients of mine have expressed that they really like the output of Merlin.

There are web-based applications to be had, I've tried a few but IMO they're junk. Merlin also has a web-based license that works in a server-mode, at an additional cost, which clients/coworkers can collaborate through. Merlin has stagnated a bit at version 2.9.x, but it's still far more powerful than OmniPlan. I can import from and export to 95% of Project files.

A cross platform option that some of my friends use is Fastrack Schedule 10 - I've also demoed it, but keep coming back to Merlin.


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Jun 28, 2014
I use and can recommend OmniPlan. The user interface is best on a large screen but it is due for an update that is likely to make us 11" MacBook Air owners happy.
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