Amazing how many politicians don't understand the purpose of courts

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    Another gay marriage thread, but not really about gay marriage. This is more about how many elected officials fail to understand the basic purpose of courts in America. These are people who graduated from law school! Case in point, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant cannot comprehend how a court ruling can overturn the "will of the people".

    Is he just willfully ignoring that courts exist to overturn or uphold laws based on their interpretation of whether those laws are constitutional or not? The method in which those laws were passed is completely irrelevant. Why does he think that just because a law is voter passed, it's not subject to constitutional scrutiny?

    He's attempting to compare marriage to marijuana legalization, completely ignoring the underlying constitutional issue behind gay marriage bans. The constitutional question at stake here is whether denying same sex couples the right to marry violates the constitution, not whether state voters have the right to pass their own laws. The "constitutional battle" that Bryant is talking about isn't about voter initiatives, is about people's rights being violated by the state, regardless how the state came up with those laws. In short, it's not about HIM!
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    He's making the usual retarded statements related to thinking we are a democracy with mob-rule


    A Republic ruled by law, with checks and balances to protect against the transgressions of unchecked public opinion.

    Stupidity and politicians go hand in hand. They would be successful lawyers or judges if they had the brains for it.
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    This is a State's Rights argument. I acknowledge you'll come down on one side or the other depending on what you want to see inacted or not inacted. I observe how his argument bypasses the Constitution's insistence on equality, in favor of his religion, while he tries to promote a Constitutional argument. Pick and choose, ignore what you don't like. From his viewpoint gays are criminals and therefore don't deserve equality. Isn't that how it frequently goes with hard core Theists? Note, another Southern State, who have historically come down on the wrong side of moral issues imo. Fortunately the ground swell of support for gay marriage across the country indicates attitudes even among theists are changing.
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    Mississippi is the anal vent of North America.
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    Some people think the constitution is what Moses thrown upon the wicked people.
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    The "will of the people" doesn't apply when it becomes tyranny of the majority which is basically what the court ruled (I don't know the case details nor care to read them but I'm guessing it is related to the equal protection clause). Our constitution isn't there to protect tyranny of the majority, it's there to protect EVERYONE and make sure EVERYONE's rights are safeguarded.

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