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    Link: Amazon Introduces Game Downloads Store with 30-minute playable demos – like Apple should have
    Description:: One of the major complaints about the iTunes store from both developers and customers alike is that users have to buy an application in order to rate it. This obviously led to many unfavorable reviews on the app store by people who paid for an app only to find it didn’t live up to their expectations.

    The “solution” many developers decided to go with was to offer both a regular and a free “lite” version of their game which would give customers a chance to play a couple levels of the game before deciding whether it was worth plunking down their hard-earned cash on.

    Well, this model creates two big problems...

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    The time expiring app idea is interesting (although the apps Amazon offers this way are not). I guess it would also help address the issue with the navigability of the app store, which needs some serious work, although I think it isn't the major solution -- the app store needs a stronger structure, I think including more premium real estate and ease of findability for the major high development applications and less spamming with dozens of throwaway $0.99 apps....
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    maybe they should have...

    but MAYBE they were too busy creating the iPhone, creating itunes, creating the app store, creating versions of both for the said iPhone, creating the best user experience on a phone, creating the SDK, creating powerful tech in that SDK like core animation, core location..


    When amazon creating a tenth of the tech apple has, let me know....
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    UM... that statement defines Fanboyism. Don't blindly defend Apple, no one will come take your Apple stuff if you do. Apple doesn't usually rush ***** out half-assed, and they kind of did here (IMO, as a developer). Hopefully they're working on it.
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    I don't care for time-limited demos on the desktop--and I don't really want them on my phone. I prefer feature or capacity limits, because I find myself hesitating to download something that I know will become useless if I don't pay. I'll accept time-limited demos if I have to, but it's not something I want--as a user OR developer.

    The exception is for large-scale productivity apps, where a time limit is the only kind of limit that makes sense. I understand that there's no better solution for something like Photoshop or RealBasic.

    The App Store needs to grow and add capabilities in this area, but time limits aren't the right answer I don't think.

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