Amazon Plans Music Service To Rival iPod

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Link: Amazon Plans Music Service To Rival iPod
    Description:: In recent years, Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has explained his company's deliberately paced approach to the digital-music business by saying he wants to avoid simply imitating the dominant player in the field, Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store.

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    I don't think that an Amazon/Samsung iPlay-thingy would have quite the cool factor that the iPod does, but a Samsung design may reach out to a sizable crowd. The point about Apple retaliating by pulling iPods from the store is silly - it's a commodity now. I think Steve would simply ride it out.

    The music service doesn't sound novel unless a couple of things happen. If the discounts on CDs are substantial and if the iPlay is locked into the Amazon system (a la iP/iT), they may surprise people. The discounts I can only see encouraging their "55 million customers" and a lock-in would really boost hardware sales (I think that the store will do well, for a subscription model).
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    Sep 1, 2003
    Rival iPod? Don't they mean rival iTunes?

    And good luck Amazon, you'll need it. Hope you fail, see you in the failure history museum right along with the recently doomed (and FUGLY) Dull DJ. RIP. Neeext?!
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    Jan 4, 2005

    Apple pulling a stunt where they pull there products would put them in major legal trouble. Namely unethical and illiegall bussiness pratices in abusing there power the iPod and music store. And it would be used strongly agaist apple in the current court case that is going on.
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    Next ...

    Seriously, I don't think this will cause Apple to lose any sleep. However, I would like to see viable alternative to iPod/iTunes, not "yet another Microsoft generic media store". Nothing wrong with iPod/iTunes combo, but competition and choice is always good.
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    Agreed. For American iTMS users an alternative isn't really needed but Apple is ignoring is iTunes-using European user base in terms of video content and pricing. Example, a video on the iTMS Ireland costs €2.49 or $2.96, meanwhile they are only $1.99 on the American store. Wheres the justification in that? It is also a similar case in the U.K, French and German stores.
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    It has been the case that Apple has HAD to set the prices where they are. The EU taxes and the negotiations with the record companies have raised the prices well above what was negotiated in the US. For Europe, there will rarely be an item that costs the same or less than it does in the US. Government interference and ineptitude have assured that state of affairs, for starters.

    SJ is no fool and to assume that Apple doesn't care about pricing or is targeting the EU to rip it off vs the reality of doing business in the EU-- well, enough said...
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    Competition is always good. It's just that we have yet to see anything that could rival iTunes. One thing for sure though, we won't see iTunes with such a large slice of the market come 5 years from now.

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