Amicus Briefs filed in Apple's case

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    Amicus Briefs? Are they any better than Calvin Kleins?
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    They're friendlier. And courtlier.
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    Apple has posted a webpage with the various Amicus briefs being filed on its behalf and will continue to update it.

    A must-read one that is very clearly laid out for non-technical people is the 23-page brief from Cryptographers. Does a nice job explaining the can of worms this order realistically could open and why the order should be denied.
    Here's the link to that specific brief:
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    Already a thread on this one.. rather active, too:

    Though it wouldn't be a bad idea to post this in that thread, especially your second link.

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    I saw that thread when I logged on this afternoon. If people bother to read through that article Apple's webpage with the links is listed. Those News stories on Front Page with comments get very long, already so, and think many times people don't have or take the time to read through them. I have commented on Front Page threads before and sometimes forget which one or where I last left off reading as they do grow fast with comments.

    I had hope this titled thread clearly labeled for those following the filings would be easy for people to find and a quick reference. This thread was actually started before that story came out.

    I didn't want to double post but if you want to add something on there, please do so.
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    OK just read thru the comments on that thread Bradl and maybe it would be helpful to commentors there. Going there now to post the crytographers brief link. It will be interesting to see how many read it.

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