Amish for Trump

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    The could be a real game changer. The Trump people are strategic geniuses...

    Amish for Trump
    Can Ben Carson and Newt Gingrich allies convince this anti-divorce, tech-shunning group to back the boasting billionaire?

    The Amish don’t read Donald Trump’s tweets and can’t watch his television appearances, and voting is practically against their religion.

    But that’s not stopping a group of Trump allies with ties to Ben Carson and Newt Gingrich from mounting a campaign to turn them out anyway.

    Amish PAC was started by an alum of a pro-Carson super PAC, an ex-Amish donor to that super PAC and an employee of Gingrich Productions. The group is planning to mount an old-fashioned, billboards-and-newspaper-ads effort this summer, designed to encourage Amish people in Pennsylvania and Ohio to turn out for Trump in November.


    The Amish vote is especially difficult to turn out: Believers adhere to a strict interpretation of Christianity that discourages most participation in the modern world, from technology to voting. Voting is not technically outlawed, but it is strongly discouraged by many church leaders.

    Donald Kraybill, an expert on the Amish people at Elizabethtown College, said he guesses that the most generous turnout scenario would be about 2,000 Amish voters each in Pennsylvania and Ohio...

    “There’s a lot of aspects about Trump that are antithetical to Amish values and Amish beliefs,” Kraybill said. [You think??]


    “The Amish really strongly emphasize humility, the last thing Trump emphasizes,” Kraybill said. “In terms of his marital record, divorce, for example, is cause for excommunication. It’s not just frowned upon, it’s cause for excommunication.”

    But, he noted, since the Amish don’t watch TV, it’s unclear how well-versed they are in Trump’s personal past, which includes three marriages and raunchy talk about women.​
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    Hillary has the ISIS sympathizer vote locked up.
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    Such wasted efforts. You have to be pretty damn desperate to try and get the Amish vote which will not be a very large number of people.
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    Danish vote and I'm there.

    That, and a hot cup of coffee. Nice.

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