An Apple pioneer has own window to future

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Andy Hertzfeld, the shy, one of the original designers of the Mac was at Macworld this past week. He joined a panel talking about 20 years of the Mac. In his opinion Apple has a bright future. Currently the computer is in a slump due to the the monopoly of Microsoft. That the large company is unwilling to innovate. He would like to see free software to empower people. This sounds like very good news for Apple. He has a new book coming out "Macintosh Folklore."
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    A 700-person research arm runs biggest corporate R&D effort, but is it paying off?

    Maybe there is hope for Microsoft, will be happy as long as Apple can benefit.

    Microsoft's advance team

    By Robert Weisman, Globe Staff *|* July 19, 2004

    REDMOND, Wash. -- Tacked to a corkboard in the office of Rick Rashid, senior vice president for research at Microsoft Corp., is an uncashed check for 25 cents. It's booty from a 1992 bet he made with his friend Dave Gifford, an MIT computer science professor.

    Rashid had left a secure job on the Carnegie Mellon University faculty to start Microsoft Research, gambling that a world-class research organization could be built and sustained within a software company. Gifford was one of the skeptics, and he wagered that Microsoft would not be around as long as Digital Equipment Corp. in Massachusetts.
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    heheheheehhe! microsoft wouldn't be happy to hear that! :D

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